What is on your list?

Rest, nature, books, music … such is my idea of happiness Leo Tolstoy Isn’t this a lovely quote? I think all of those would be on the list of things that make me happy! Music is definitely at the top. What is on your list?

The love of new music

So much music so little time Don’t you just love getting new music? Some people like to buy new shoes or a shiny new car but for me it has to be music! I love exploring books or discovering new composers. Each book or piece is like an exciting new story to delve into. It’s…

Importance of music

Some people think music education is a privilege but I think it is essential to being human Jewel What a great quote and I couldn’t agree more!

The ‘secret’ to playing the piano!

Have I a secret about playing the piano? It’s a very simple one. I sit down on the piano stool and make myself comfortable – and I always make sure that the lid over the keyboard is open before I start to play Artur Schnabel I love this! You start reading, thinking it’s going to…