How aliens eating pizza can help beginner pianists!

Picture the scene … drifting in deep space, the hungry astronaut opens the food cupboard hoping to find a pizza to cook for tea. But all he finds are some crumbs and a surprised alien looking back at him!

Aliens Love Pizza is an online game (playable on a tablet, computer, laptop or smartphone in a web browser) ideal for beginner piano lessons. The music teacher can customise the interactive questions to tailor it to each individual student and choose from any of the following piano topics:

  • Piano Keys: includes a one octave playable piano with sounds plus an onscreen colouring page of mini pianos (in built crayons). Great for learning the names of the white keys.
  • Finger Numbers: paint the fingernails, drag the rings onto the correct fingers, colour the hands and fingers using the on screen tools, or make little tunes out of finger numbers to play on the piano
  • Time Signatures: drag simple time signatures of 2, 3 or 4 beats in a bar or note values of 1, 2, 3 or 4 beats onto the blank stave. Set missing time signature questions, make a musical maths quiz or use for rhythm work – it’s up to you!
  • Notes and Letters: a piano stave with two notes which can be dragged into any position – perfect for students who know only a couple of notes as well as those who have learnt the whole stave. Use for note recognition, steps and skips practice, or anything else you wish.

The teacher is not only in full control of the questions, but the scoring too. At the end of the game this gives the student an overall score out of twenty, allowing the teacher to see if any concepts need to be revisited for better understanding.

Aliens Love Pizza is part of a collection of online games ideal for the first year of learning. Complementing any tutor book, “Sleeping Dragons”, “Emoji Lab” and more add fun engagement to lessons while ensuring important aspects of learning the piano have been fully understood.

How many greedy pizza eating aliens will your student catch? Find out more here.


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