Potion Peril: can your students turn you into a monster?!

Years ago I used to play a music theory game with my students where they got to fire their teacher into the air if they won the game. It was at this point I noticed how motivating this kind of activity was!

I have made a few games since where the poor unfortunate music teacher gets into all kinds of trouble. I’ve sent them to space, to a desert island, and even had them standing under a goo machine in ‘Goo The Teacher‘. My students have loved every single one!

Recently I made ‘Potion Peril‘, a grade one level theory game to help practice note values. If the student can find enough potion (hidden by the teacher) they get to mix it in their cauldron and turn their teacher into a random monster! Perfect for Halloweeen (and all year round!).

Potion Peril‘ is part of a collection of online games in my ‘Beat The Teacher‘ pack for music teachers. The pack includes topics like time signatures, scales, key signatures, numbered intervals, tonic triads in simple keys, and more.

Find out more here and let me know if you have any questions.

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