My alternative ‘Olympics’ games for music lessons!

With the Olympics in full swing, if your music studio is anything like mine, students are totally enthused about sports right now!

Students can be so engaged in lessons when we bring their interests into it, so I’ve been playing my alternative ‘Olympics’ games with them – and helping their music theory at the same time. Here’s my round up of our top five ‘events’ …

Paper Plane: ever tried throwing a javelin or a discus? We had a go once at school and I was terrible at it! Wouldn’t it be funny though, if throwing paper planes was an Olympic sport? This online game pits student against teacher to see who can throw the furthest and win the championship. It tests key signatures of C, G, D and F major in both treble and bass clefs.

Dinghy Duel: I love watching the rowing events so this game is all about dinghy racing! Two players take to the water in their boats to try and beat each other in a duel. It works great for two students or even teacher versus student and tests note and rest values of half, 1, 2, 3 and 4 beats.

Ball in a Bin: football is always popular in my studio so we have been playing this trick shot game to see who can top the leaderboard with their skills. This game is free and tests note values at grade one theory level.

Basketball: this one is a customisable game where teachers can drag note values onto the stave to make any question they like. Test time signatures or even note reading – it’s up to you!

Amazing Strength: our final event is inspired by weightlifting to see who is the strongest – teacher or student. Bang the hammer to test your strength and practice tonic triads in the keys of C, G, D and F major (a grade one level game).

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to hear about your own Olympic inspired activities in lessons. All these games are also available in the Studio Teacher pack.

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