NEW ‘Beat The Teacher’ music theory games!

Are you looking for ways to make music lessons fun?

Today I released a brand new studio pack of digital games for teachers to use in lessons. Each music theory game has one thing in common … students have to try and ‘Beat The Teacher’!

Theory topics are all at grade one level and include time signatures, intervals, key signatures, scales, tonic triads, music terms and signs, and more. It fits perfectly with the ABRSM theory syllabus but works great with ANY path of study or exam board.

Questions are more than multiple choice and include dragging the sharps or flats up and down the stave to make key signatures or putting the correct accidental sign next to pairs of notes to make tones or semitones. There is a short video below demonstrating some of these questions.

In ‘Potion Peril’ students have to collect enough bottles of potion with their time values knowledge to turn the teacher into a monster! But if the teacher is good at hiding the potion, they save themselves and stay human! In ‘Paper Plane’ students work on key signatures while seeing who can throw their plane the furthest, and in fast paced ‘Goo The Teacher‘ student and teacher compete to keep away from the goo machine!

Beat The Teacher includes ten online music theory games with a studio licence which means teachers can play the games over and over with any students they teach. It also comes with a bonus resource pack, including an optional leaderboard for extra fun and a printable certificate for students who win!

Find out more about this fun teacher pack here and let me know if you have any questions.

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