Studio games to make lessons fun

As a teacher the drag and drop notes are incredible! I love how I can tailor it to the range of notes a beginner knows, or focus on a particular set of notes that are recent and relevant.

Music Teacher, UK

As a busy music teacher myself, I know how motivating and engaging music games can be. If I have a student who needs help working on something, I find they are so much more focused (and more likely to retain the information) if we play a fun game.

This is why I created Studio packs. Each one focuses on something different and are a great value collection of games and resources for the music lesson. Play ‘Pharaoh Fred’ while working on note or interval reading or ‘Space Rollercoaster’ to check knowledge of musical signs.

Some of the online games are even customisable so you can adapt it to the individual learner. If your student has just started learning notes A and B, for example, but they are having a hard time remembering which is which, Flashcard Fun or Beginner Reader are ideal. Simply drag the notes into position on the stave to set your question and get students to name or play the notes on their instrument.

All my students are now thoroughly addicted! The games are fantastic!

Music Teacher

Each of the questions in games like “Don’t Wake Lenny” or “Garbage Monsters” have in-built scoring and when the teacher chooses a score it’s usually added to the student’s overall game score. Extra incentive to get the question correct!

Some packs also come with colourful and bright leaderboards which you can print out and stick up on your music studio wall. Use little post-it notes to move scores up and down and hold a fun studio challenge. My students love this and are always excited to try and reach the top. It has also created a real buzz and sense of community in my studio.

The Multiplayer pack includes a set of games for two players (some work well as team play). See who is best hider in “Secret Letter” or work together to defeat the robot in “Draw It”. I have even used these games to play as teacher versus student – although I get the student to answer all the questions! They love trying to beat me in “Target T-Rex” or “Dinghy Duel”!

Games in the studio packs can be played with any students having lessons with you and they work on most devices including computers, tablets (and even smartphones although you might prefer a bigger screen!). Purchase individually from the main store or in the Teacher Dashboard (there are sometimes voucher codes in here with special offers!) or alternatively become a Studio Teacher which gives you access to a collection of Studio packs at a discounted price.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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