How Pharaoh Fred can help with note reading!

As a teacher the drag and drop notes are incredible! I love how I can tailor it to the range of notes a beginner knows, or focus on a particular set of notes that are recent and relevant.

Music Teacher, UK

Picture the scene … it’s Ancient Egypt and Pharaoh Fred is ruling the land!

He stole all your treasure and has stored it in his pyramid. Disguised as a mummy you hide yourself in a barrel and swim down the river to claim it back. Can you reach the treasure before the waves wash it away?

This fun flashcard style game is designed for music teachers to use in lessons and can be customised for each individual student. Simply drag the notes up or down the stave into position and use for note recognition, interval reading, or anything else you wish – it’s great for students who only know a few notes to those who have learnt the whole stave!

It comes with a colourful printable leaderboard to create engaging and fun studio challenges with your students. My students are all motivated to reach the top of mine!

Pharaoh Fred is part of a great value collection of online flashcard style teaching games and is available here. Let me know if you have any questions.

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