Music lessons and the individual learner

Meet the student where they are, not where you are, and not where you want them to be, but where they really are

Frances Clark

I have always really liked this quote because it emphasises the importance of teaching the individual.

We aren’t teaching robots or drones! Every student that comes through the music room door is unique and something that works well for one might not work for another.

Just in my own music studio I have students of different ages, genders, cultures, personalities, and learning styles, to name a few. Some learn best visually, others aurally or verbally, and some are really deep thinkers and have a logical, almost mathematical, approach to studying. Then there are the physical learners who can’t keep still and learn best if there is movement involved!

Each has their own likes and dislikes and some love classical, and others like jazz. All have their own way of studying and if I tried to teach everyone exactly the same way, at the same pace and to a rigid and fixed method, it just wouldn’t work!

Some fly through the method book whereas others might need more supplementary materials, and each is an equally valid way of learning. If they haven’t reached page 20 something by such and such a date or Student A isn’t keeping pace with Student B, it’s not the end of the world!

As Frances Clark says, it’s absolutely find for them to be “not where you want them to be, but where they really are“.

What are your thoughts on this quote?

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