New music tempo rankings poster

One of the first things I did when creating my music theory website, was to add a leaderboard system.

I wanted it to be music themed and came up with the idea of using music tempo words. The higher a students point total, the faster their tempo ranking!

It has proven to be a popular feature and every time a student logs in, unlocks a musical code/badge, or completes a music pack, they automatically score points. Some of the early points and rankings to reach include slower words like ‘largo’ or ‘adagio’, but later ones increase in speed such as ‘vivace’ or even ‘presto possible’.

Log-in to your account and view the ‘achievements’ page to find out your own ranking (and leaderboards) as well as download the poster. Music teachers, feel free to put it up in your studio to motivate students when they are practising their music theory on the site!

I use a similar system in my Tempo Galaxy music incentive program. Send students on ‘missions’ (in other words setting musical tasks or things to practice at home!) and stamp their passport as they move from planet to planet. Each planet is a faster tempo word and can they reach Planet Presto to complete the challenge?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tempo Galaxy

a music incentive program

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