Bonus resources for the ‘Lost Diamond’ music mystery

Entering the cave you notice a wooden boat abandoned next to the entrance and a few old and rusty lanterns scattered around the slippery rocks. A quick search reveals an old paper scroll … could this be a clue? You check your sheet music to find the correct piece and get ready to learn it. Next lesson it will be time to work out how to open the clue using the music!

My music mystery adventure, ‘The Lost Diamond‘ has become one of the most popular activities on my website. So today I added a new option for music teachers, as well as some extra bonus resources to complement the sheet music.

Before revealing these changes (and for those who haven’t come across ‘The Lost Diamond’ before), it’s an interactive and engaging adventure split into three chapters. Students learn the tunes on their instrument and use the sheet music to work out clues in the online part of the game.

Following in the footsteps of those also searching for this rare and precious gem, students explore the mysterious Forest of Dreams, Bluestone Caves, and Pirates Cove as they move around the island. Can they use their musical detective skills to work out which diamonds are fake and which is the one true ‘Lost Diamond’?

Today I added a Studio Teacher Licence so music teachers can play this fun game with any students having lessons in their music studio. Piano teachers will also find a bonus resource PDF full of activities relating to each piece of music. Correct the police detective’s mistakes in ‘Going Camping’ Catastrophe or replace the notes that have been stolen in ‘Pirate’ Mischief! You could even try some simple improvising in ‘Sleepy Snakes’ and add your own music to the empty bars in ‘Bat Cave’ Composing.

These resources are not only a great addition but they allow the teacher to help students make connections between the piece they are learning and important creative musical elements such as theory, composing and improvising.

The Studio Teacher Licence for this fun music adventure can be found here and is available for piano in two levels (beginner and early elementary) as well as for high treble instruments like the flute and saxophone, and lower instruments like the clarinet.

If you set up a free teacher account, there is an alternative option to the Studio Teacher Licence. Instead you can create a Teaching Group for one or more of your students (at specially discounted prices). When you add them to the ‘Lost Diamond’ they will automatically receive log-in details and you will be able to view a snapshot of activity as they work through it. Find out more about this option here and teachers who add 10 or more students to a group can contact me to receive the bonus PDF resources for free.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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