NEW! A grade one music theory adventure

You find yourself in the basement of a local school. A mobile phone is lying discarded on the floor and a window has been smashed. But what is going on? Only your musical detective skills can solve the case …

Following on from the success of my previous musical mysteries, ‘Who Ate My Cake’ and ‘The Lost Diamond’, I have just released a brand new adventure called ‘The Mystery of the Blue Raven’!

Set at grade/level one music theory, students use the theory worksheets to search for clues in the accompanying online game. Over seven interactive chapters, they explore a mysterious school where something strange is definitely going on. Armed with some ‘Case Files’ and a list of suspects, students have to work out which teacher is the criminal mastermind and what the ‘Blue Raven’ actually is.

This is music theory in a fun immersive way but with a serious purpose!

The colourful printable worksheets are an integral part of the game and include topics like time signatures, note and rest values, key signatures, tonic triads, intervals (distance only), musical terms and more. They follow a logical order and use the ABRSM new grade one theory syllabus – although you don’t have to be using this exam board to play. The Blue Raven works great whatever syllabus you are using.

Each online chapter is associated with a theory topic or topics, allowing the music teacher to teach a concept like ‘time signatures’, for example, before setting the worksheet and then exploring that part of the school. It’s versatile, and also works equally well as a way of testing knowledge after the syllabus has been fully taught.

Music teachers have the option of setting up a teaching group centred around this music pack (at discounted prices) and adding their own students. This is a great way to track progress and view a snapshot of activity.

Find out more about this fun music theory mystery here and if you have any questions let me know.

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