The (un)tidy music teacher

“I like messy. What fun is tidy?”

Dasha Zhukova

During the Easter break I decided to have a really good sort out of my music room.

After well over a term of online teaching, there was music everywhere. I’d throw the books just used with one student to the side and grab another set of books for the next student … ending up with stuff all over the place.

It’s so much harder to keep tidy with online lessons. Or is it just me?!

I’ve also moved the piano and furniture around countless times since the pandemic started. Finding the perfect set up for both online and in person lessons is a bit like searching for the holy grail. But this time I think I’ve finally cracked it! (I said that last time!).

I felt the room needed a bit more colour too so I got all creative and made some music posters which arrived today. I’m hoping for some subconscious learning when students walk past them every lesson. The pictured poster is my Superhero Scales story designed to help learn the grade one piano scales.

Have you found the perfect set up which works for both online and studio lessons?

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