Music theory leaderboard fun

It was really exciting to open the post this morning as my music theory leaderboards arrived!

I decided last week to get them professionally printed so I can pin each one up on my studio wall, and I’m so delighted with them. They have come out even better than the photo suggests (I’m not a great photographer!).

Two of my music games packs include leaderboards like these for music teachers to download and print. Students compete in games like ‘Pharaoh Fred‘ and ‘Apple Rocket‘ to see who gets a place in the top ten scorers.

I use little mini post-it notes to move their names up or down each week. Even during online lessons, students who don’t know each other and haven’t met, ask me each week who is at the top. So now they all know each others names and I often hear things like, “what score did Becky or Ben get this week?” and “I want to beat Jack’s score!!”.

It’s a great way to introduce a sense of community and fun into a private teaching practice.

Find out more about the studio packs these come from, including Flashcard Fun and Beginner Reader and let me know if you have questions.

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