Online music theory: ABRSM grade 5 coaching

The online music theory games are an excellent way of progressing through the different grades up to grade 5. They are a ‘MAJOR’ way of enabling you to ‘AUGMENT’ the knowledge gained through studying music theory which is very well taught and an ideal ‘TONIC’ for virtual lessons during lockdown. The pace of the theory lessons are such that you can fully understand the principles behind each topic before moving forward to the next and are in no way ‘DIMINISHED’ by being given by video call. Susan is the ‘PERFECT’ teacher who is fun to work with and I am grateful to you for getting me this far.

IRW, Music Student

I have always absolutely loved teaching music theory and this wonderful review from a student was so great to receive yesterday. The way they have cleverly woven music theory terms into the text is fantastic!

If you are looking to take your ABRSM grade 5 theory exam at some point, I offer online coaching using either Zoom or Skype. I teach by topic rather than grade, so only a limited understanding of music is necessary. Perfect as long as you can play an instrument and read basic music notation.

Each topic starts with the basics and moves all the way up to the knowledge required for your grade five exam. We cover things like pitch, intervals, chords, cadences, time values and more and I take you through it step by step, at a pace to suit you.

Students who schedule a block booking of lessons also get free access to my online music pack called Codebreaker 5. This includes sets of quizzes by topic designed to test your knowledge of everything learnt so far.

Pass each quiz in Codebreaker to reveal a musical code and move up the levels. The codes are all made up of terms needed for the grade 5 exam so a great way to learn them!

If this sounds of interest, I recommend an initial half hour online lesson with absolutely no obligation to continue. If you are happy to continue working with me after that, we can arrange a schedule of lessons.

Let me know if you have any questions and to find out more please click here.

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