Free music practice resources

I’ve had a busy first week back teaching and decided to get creative with music practice!

There are now two FREE resources in my Top Music Marketplace store. The first is a music practice colouring chart to be completed over four weeks. Students colour in a key on the piano keyboard every time they practice.

The second is a practice planning page or ‘homework diary’. Covering a week of practice, it includes space to set tasks for your students, as well as scales, theory and more. There is also a practice log which students (or their parents) can use to document what they have played each day.

I hope you find these useful!

My new store is filling up gradually and I already have both a digital downloadable game (Honey Bee), as well as a printable steps and skips piano game (Frog Hop). For those interested in a music incentive program, you might want to check out Tempo Galaxy and send your students on missions, starting at Planet Lento and ending up at Planet Presto!

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