Melody Minor the Miner and note reading!

Melody Minor is fed up with all the other miners taking the best jewels out of the mine. So she booby trapped it with dynamite! Can you escape with the most jewels before the mine collapses?

This fun and customisable game is ideal for music lessons and teachers can tailor the questions to each individual student. It’s perfect for learners who only know three notes, all the way up to those who have covered all the lines and spaces of the musical stave.

When a question card is drawn, the teacher drags any three notes into a position of their choice. Ask students to name the notes, play them, practice interval reading, or anything else you wish.

As well as note reading tools, this flashcard style game also includes ‘scribble flashcards’ where you can draw anything you like on the blank stave using the in-built crayons. This makes them ideal for testing things like musical signs.

Melody Minor the Miner is part of a collection of music games ideal for the music teacher and are great for both online and in person lessons. Check out Flashcard Fun here and let me know if you have any questions!

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