Tempo Galaxy: a music incentive program

Are you looking for a way to motivate and inspire your music students? If so, you might be interested in my brand new music incentive program!

Journey through the Tempo Galaxy sending students on missions and stamping their passport as they move from planet to planet! Starting at Planet Lento, students aim for the final and fastest destination in the galaxy, Planet Presto, as they complete missions based on many aspects of learning music.

This flexible and fun pack is a great way to encourage students to make progress on their instrument and provides you with everything you need to personalise it to your own studio. Perhaps you want to focus on a theme like ‘scales’, ‘music practice’ or ‘sight-reading. Or maybe you want to include all those things! The Tempo Galaxy allows you to set missions for your whole studio or even tailor tasks to the individual student.

Pin up the fun planet posters on your studio wall so students can view everyone else’s progress and give each student a copy of their own Student Passport, complete with colourful boarding pass! Pick any of the handouts or cards to set ‘missions’ for your students and reward them when completed.

There are stamp templates in the pack to glue in the passport when a new planet is reached, as well as sticker templates for awarding points. Students who make it to the final destination, ‘Planet Presto’, can receive the printable certificate and you could even consider coming up with a prize! There is a leaderboard template included for extra motivation and fun.

This pack can be downloaded to your computer and is full of resources and inspiration (there are ten PDF files!). Print out the ‘Alien in Space’ game to carry out tasks but students only earn points if they can beat their teacher to the finish line! There is even a bonus digital resource called ‘Mission Control’, which can be downloaded to a computer and includes a ‘Planet Rescue’ mission game as well as a ‘Spin the Alien’ wheel.

Find out more about Tempo Galaxy either on my website or at Tim Topham’s marketplace for music teachers. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you have fun travelling from planet to planet with your students!

Please note that the bonus digital resource ‘Mission Control’ is designed to be downloaded on a Windows computer and will not open on tablets or smartphones. It may work on an Apple computer but will be dependent on your security settings. For this reason it is included as a bonus extra.

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