Diamonds and grade 5 theory intervals!

One of the first music theory games I made was for ABRSM grade 5 theory. I remember teaching a young student who wasn’t very keen on anything that seemed too ‘school like’ and getting him to do any theory homework was almost impossible!

He was really keen to learn piano but very much on a practical basis, and when we reached grade 5 piano with the ‘mountain’ of grade 5 theory to overcome, I knew there could be trouble ahead.

So this game was a huge hit and my student loved it so much we played it many times over. Definitely learning in disguise!

‘Digging for Diamonds’ is a free intervals game playable on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Entering the caves students turn over cards one by one to collect diamonds. But lurking in the dark are hazards! Find two of the same hazard and the caves collapse.

It includes diminished, minor, major, perfect and augmented intervals of a 2nd through to 8th, plus compound intervals.

Find out more about playing this game with a free account here and for more grade 5 theory quizzes check out ‘Codebreaker 5’ which was recently updated for the new ABRSM grade 5 theory online exam.

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