Spooky music theory games for Halloween

This is the first year I’m not teaching during Halloween week so won’t get to see any students turn up for lessons in their scary costumes!

But if you are looking for some fun spooky themed games to play with your music students, I have several on my website and some are free.

  • It’s a cold dark night so to keep warm you enter an old abandoned house. As you explore you realise with horror that the house has been booby trapped with …. chocolate custard bombs! Name all the treble clef notes correctly (on the lines and spaces of the stave) within 30 seconds before they all go off in this free game!
  • Potion Peril is a ‘Beat The Teacher‘ game where your student can turn you into a monster! But only if they can find enough potion. Questions are at grade one theory level and are all about note values.
  • Zombie Wars is another free theory game but at grade 5 level. Defeat the zombie – but only if you know your musical terms.
  • Bucket Bats is in my Studio Multiplayer pack for music teachers. Take it in turns to answer questions about music theory signs but don’t be the player to catch a bat in your bucket!
  • Pumpkin Mash is in the Notecracker challenge pack for students. Name all the notes correctly before the witch turns those poor little pumpkins into mash!
  • For a fun monster themed pack check out Monster Mash which is aimed at young beginners. Use your musical detective skills to work out which monster has been stealing all the mashed potato in Monster Town! There is a great Halloween themed game in this pack called Spooky Town which helps students learn simple rest values.

Find out more about games for music teachers and students here, and let me know if you have any questions.

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