Fun beginner games for piano teachers

I am a piano teacher and absolutely loving the games on this website!

Piano Teacher

Are you looking for games to make your beginner lessons fun and get students excited about learning piano?

Designed for use in the piano lesson, the Studio: Piano Beginner pack is a collection of online games, including “Aliens Love Pizza” or “Sleeping Dragons”, to make learning fun right from the first lesson. They complement any tutor book series and (like most Studio packs) allows the teacher to set questions to suit the individual student.

Topics include finger numbers, musical alphabet, piano keys, time values, time signatures and musical signs. In a finger numbers game like “March of the Ants”, for example, teachers can choose from several question options such as dragging the rings on the fingers, painting the fingernails, or colouring the hands using the on screen crayons. There is also a useful one octave piano that plays sounds should you wish to practice finger numbers on the keys.

“March of the Ants” and also “Fairground” have inbuilt leaderboards for extra fun and motivation, but there are themed leaderboard templates to print out and pin up on your music room wall. Ideal for a competition in your own studio!

Studio: Beginner Piano is available to purchase here. Find out more about our collection of studio packs by becoming a ‘Studio Teacher‘. Let me know if you have any questions.

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