Apple Rocket: a customisable music theory game

A game ideal for music lessons which allows teachers to choose any notes to suit each individual student!

If your music studio is anything like mine, you will have students at all kinds of different levels.

No two students are the same even if they are at the same page of the tutor book. Some will progress rapidly and others are a little more cautious, perhaps needing more supplementary materials.

A lot of resources that help with note reading, for example, often have a pre-filled set of notes. This is great for some students, but what if you have a student who could do with focusing on a particular set of notes, or even something like steps and skips?

This is where the flexibility of a game like Apple Rocket comes in!

Music teachers can drag the notes up or down the stave into any position they wish. Each online flashcard includes three notes, making them ideal for note naming, playing, interval reading, steps and skips, or anything else you can think of!

The game is ‘flashcard based‘ but allows for customisation by the teacher. Each round students pick a card and it will either be a question card, a chance to fly the apple rocket, or a special ‘apple tree’ card. If they pick a rocket card, their apple will fly through the air and pick up points depending on where it lands.

Special apple tree cards are question based but are worth more points. So teachers could use this opportunity to perhaps pick a harder question!

Apple Rocket is a huge hit in my music studio and I have set up a leaderboard for extra fun. My students are highly motivated to beat each others scores – even those students they have never met! There is a downloadable leaderboard template included and I use mini post-it notes to move student scores up or down each week.

Apple Rocket is part of the Flashcard Fun pack which is a collection of mostly customisable online games for teachers. Play games like Pharaoh Fred or Sleepy Robots and inject some fun into lessons. A couple of the games (like Hot Chilli) include pre-filled traditional flashcards.

Find out more about Flashcard Fun here. It is also part of the Studio Teacher pack.

Flashcard Fun

Customisable music games ideal for lessons

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