Spooky Town: a music theory game

Visit Spooky Town – just don’t tap the bats in this music rests game!

Are you a music teacher looking for Halloween music theory games for your students?

Spooky Town is a fun game for beginners and covers simple rests of 1 and 2 beats plus the whole bar rest. Students answer questions before entering the game and trying to rid the town of the friendly ghosts (bonus points for the witch!). Tap a bat though, and the round is over!

This online game is available in my mystery adventure pack called ‘Monster Mash‘. Help Max the musical detective solve the mystery of the mashed potato eater by playing theory games, collecting clues and ruling out the monsters one by one.

Ideal for the first year of learning, Monster Mash works well alongside any music tutor book. It includes note and rest values, time signatures, musical signs and more and is great for younger learners. Find out more here.

You might also be interested in Bucket Bats which is a two player game on musical signs.

Monster Mash: a music theory adventure for younger learners!

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