NEW music mystery for beginners

Learn the tunes, search for clues and find the ‘Lost Diamond’ in this interactive mystery! A fun book of sheet music with accompanying online games.

Fans of my first music mystery, ‘Who Ate My Cake’ will be delighted to hear I have made another one! Students use their musical detective skills to uncover the truth behind ‘The Lost Diamond’. This rare and valuable gem disappeared many years ago and only by searching for clues in the sheet music and online game will the case be solved.

Starting your investigation in the forest, you come across an abandoned camp site. It looks like someone has already been searching for the diamond but there’s no trace of the treasure hunters. Entering the tent, you discover a backpack but to your dismay it is locked with a coded padlock! The only way to open it is to search for the code hidden inside the sheet music.

Split into three parts, students explore the island using their computer, laptop or smartphone, and discover clues (only revealed using music theory knowledge) along the way. When a sheet music clue is found, they learn the tune and work out the code hidden within it to reveal a piece of the puzzle relating to the diamond.

The bats will only give up the secrets of Bluestone Caves if students can play and understand theory signs in ‘Rockin Around The Bat Cave’, and that interesting looking chest on the abandoned pirate ship will definitely not open without ‘Pirate Dan and his Treasure Quest’.

The Mystery of the Lost Diamond includes six original pieces in a printable book and is available for piano (at beginner and early elementary levels) plus treble instruments like the flute, clarinet or saxophone (the treble versions come with optional duet parts).

Learning music has never been so much fun and students consolidate both music theory and practical playing as they conduct their investigations. It’s a win all round for both students and their teachers!

Find out more about the Mystery of the Lost Diamond here!

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