Using zoom during in person music lessons

When students started returning to the music studio this week I thought my use of Zoom would reduce. But actually I’ve found it really useful during in person lessons too.

Last week I wrote about the use of A3 clear plastic wallets to put sheet music books in whilst COVID-19 is in circulation. It makes sharing music safer as they are easy to wipe clean.

This got me thinking about how I could continue to share resources I had been using online such as music theory games, some of the useful apps on my tablet, and my digital sheet music.

Yesterday, I opened a zoom meeting on my laptop and then also joined the same meeting from my tablet (selecting ‘join without audio’). I placed my tablet on a music stand (or on the piano for my piano students) and used the screenshare funtion from the laptop.

It worked great! I could play music theory games really easily and set sight-reading tests out of my digital sheet music collection. It is also perfect for pointing things out in the music the student is learning. If I want to highlight something they have missed, for example, it means I don’t need to go anywhere near the student or their music. I can use the annotation tools on screen instead.

I hope you find this idea useful in your own teaching.

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