Hot Chilli: music flashcards game

There’s a reason why flashcards are so popular in most teaching subjects … because they are highly effective as a learning tool! Add a game in there too and they become motivational and fun.

In the online game, Hot Chilli, students practice naming notes in either treble or bass clefs using the inbuilt flashcards. Ask students to name or play – it’s up to you! There is even a handy scribble pad with blank stave if you would like them to draw the notes on screen instead! (could also be used for musical sign practice).

Every round, the student picks a card – but careful, one of them is a hot chilli pepper! If they pick a flashcard instead, they must name the note correctly to avoid collecting another chilli. Five chilli peppers and it’s game over!

Hot Chilli is part of a great value pack of games for music teachers. Some are customisable, like ‘Pharaoh Fred‘ and ‘Apple Rocket’, where teachers can tailor the games to individual students by dragging the notes up or down the stave into position. Games like ‘Hot Chilli’ and ‘Alien Beam Up’, on the other hand, have pre-filled flashcards built into the game.

Find out more about Flashcard Fun here.

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