Secret Letter: a music game of hide and seek for two players

I used to love playing hide and seek as a kid! This classic game is in the inspiration behind ‘Secret Letter’; an online music theory game for two players (may also work as two teams).

The scene is an apartment building with lots of post boxes. Each round, one player hides the secret letter for the other player to find! Highest scorer wins.

Students practice their note naming in the treble clef during the question rounds and have to search not only for the letter, but for certain notes on the stave.

Secret Letter is part of the Multiplayer music pack; a collection of games ideal for music teachers to use in lessons with their own students. As well as treble and bass note naming, games like ‘Bouncing Frogs’ help with time signatures and ‘Space Rollercoaster’ is the fun way to check on musical signs.

Find out more about the Multiplayer pack here.

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