Treasure in the Desert: making online music teaching fun!

One of the most popular games in my music studio whilst I have been teaching online is ‘Treasure in the Desert’.

It has been great for practising note reading, particularly with those students who can get overwhelmed with sight-reading. Sometimes they find there is just too much to think about – notes, rhythm, expression, keeping a steady beat etc.

So games like this are perfect for focusing on just one aspect of reading and allow us to work on intervallic reading and note accuracy.

I’ve been using Zoom during online lessons and I love the screenshare feature. I can load up ‘Treasure in the Desert’ really easily and students put their device on the music stand to read the notes. We’ve even been able to keep our studio leaderboard competitions going for extra motivation! Students might not be here in person to see them, but I move the camera to the wall so they can view their scores.

So what’s the game about?

My intrepid explorer students are in the desert searching for treasure hidden behind the cacti plants. But they are not alone! There are snakes lurking behind the cacti too!

Each round students collect as much treasure as possible but if they find two snakes they lose all treasure from that round. Some of my explorers are really brave and take risks to increase their bounty while others are little more cautious!

Find out more about Treasure in the Desert and the pack of online games it is in here.

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