My heart is full of music

The new school year is starting here in the UK and I’m looking forward to seeing all my students again after a long summer break.

It has been a lovely summer and I have spent a lot of it playing the piano and making music theory games. The new ABRSM syllabus came out in July so it has been fun exploring the new pieces and thinking about which ones each of my students will want to learn. My current favourite is on the grade 8 list and is called Caballos Espagnoles by Uwe Korn (YouTube link here). I can see students will have great fun with the rhythms in this one!

I also joined Tim Topham’s marketplace for music teachers and added a game called Honey Bee which I’m definitely going to be playing with my students this term. I’ve printed out a leaderboard ready for a studio competition and I’m wondering who will be at the top in first place!

So my heart is definitely full of music and ready for the term ahead!

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