Honey Bee: note naming game for music teachers

I am excited to let you know about my new music game for teachers available in Tim Topham’s new Marketplace!

This customisable game downloads to your computer so you can play it with your students in lessons (both online or in person!). Drag the music notes up or down the stave into any position you wish and use for note naming practice, interval reading or anything else you want to test your student on.

In Honey Bee students try to get their bee to the finish line before the bears steal all the honey (watch out for greedy Eddie bear – the thief!) Each turn, pick a honeycomb to either answer a question, or win/lose points. Be careful though – if the score goes below zero it’s game over!

Like a lot of my music teacher games, Honey Bee works really well if you create your own studio leaderboard competition. I do this all the time with my own students and have seen motivation to improve sky rocket! You can see my own leaderboards in action on my Facebook page.

Honey Bee is available here.

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