Teaching music online with Pharaoh Fred!

If you are a music teacher like me, due to recent world events you might have found yourself researching the possibilities for teaching online (or perhaps you already are). But have you thought about how you might make it fun and engaging?

I have created a selection of online flashcard games which can work well in an internet based lesson. Play games like ‘Pharaoh Fred’, ‘Apple Rocket’, or ‘Track Racer’ and ask students any questions you wish such as …

  • Drag the notes up or down the stave on screen (includes treble and bass clefs) and ask students to name or play them
  • You could even create musical words (like ‘BAG’ or ‘CAFE’) for students to work out on screen!
  • Practice reading intervals (such as steps and skips or numbered intervals)
  • Use the draw on screen feature to test musical signs

Many of the popular online platforms (such as zoom) have a screen share feature making it easy for you and your student to both see the game.

Most of the games have a set of cards to choose from. When your students tell you which card they want to turn over, it will either be a ‘question card’ (see above for ideas) or a ‘game card’. In ‘Apple Rocket’, for example, a game card will launch your rocket into the air and in ‘Sleepy Robots’ it will move your character further along the conveyer belt (just don’t wake up more than four robots!).

You could even have a leaderboard competition with your online students and the pack includes a downloadable template.

This pack of music games is available for music teachers here and there is also the option of becoming a studio teacher and accessing all the studio games here.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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