Improve note reading with Fruit Ninja!

Are you looking for fun resources or games to make note reading fun?

If you are like me, you might have lots of music students at different levels. Some have learnt only a few notes in their method book, whereas others have covered the whole of the stave. Wouldn’t it be great if you could inspire students with a fun game AND be able to choose which notes to focus on?

Fruit Ninja is part of a pack of online games which let the music teacher do exactly that!

In each question card pick any five notes to suit the individual student by simply dragging the notes into position in either treble or bass clef. Teachers can choose what they would like the student to do. They could name them, play on their instrument, practice interval reading, drag the notes to make musical words – or anything else you wish!

The question part of the game has a marking system out of five and this score is added to a student’s total game score. It’s ideal if you want to hold a studio challenge or competition and there is even a printable leaderboard included for this purpose. My own students love trying to beat the current top score!

Fruit Ninja itself is lots of fun. The cute little watermelon needs to get to the safety of the next platform but without colliding with the fruit ninjas. There are six levels and each one gets progressively harder.

Other games in this music teacher pack include ‘Don’t Wake Lenny’, ‘Garbage Monsters’ and ‘The King and the Thief’. Find out more here and if you have any questions let me know!

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