Who ate my cake?: an interactive mystery for piano!

Make music lessons fun with this new interactive musical mystery for piano! Learn the music, search for clues and work out who ate the cake.

At around 2 p.m on Thursday Mrs Sponge, the cook of Cherrywood Castle, told King Bomblebeard she had made his favourite cake and left it in the kitchen. The King went out for the afternoon but when he returned his cake had mysteriously vanished!

Rule out the suspects one by one until you have found the thief. Clues are hidden not only in the piano sheet music, but also in the accompanying online game.

There are six original pieces to learn, including ‘Suspicious Statues’ and ‘Secrets of the Suits of Armour’, and two parts to the online game. Work out how to enter the castle and get past the guard in part one, and solve the mystery in part two.

Teachers can choose between two levels to suit the individual student. Beginner level includes only notes in the five finger position around middle C, and early elementary uses notes in two five finger positions with some hands together playing (a teacher guide is available to download with more information).

After part one, explore the interactive castle and sheet music in any order you wish. Pick a piece and search the rooms of the castle associated with that piece to find clues. Rule out each suspect using the printable case files to make notes. Successful students who correctly name the thief can download and print a certificate.

More information about this fun and engaging resource can be found here and for a short time it is on special offer. Music teachers have the option of setting up a teacher account so they can add their own students for a further discount.

Can you work out who ate the cake?!

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