Be scared and do it anyway!

I have been teaching some tricky semiquaver runs this week with a few students and this quote definitely comes to mind.

Everything is going along swimmingly and then we get to “that bit” of the music! The bit that is difficult and we know we often have trouble with. Even though we have practised it from multiple angles, our first perception of it being difficult just seems to stick.

It’s a bit like a horse encountering a hurdle. Some students stop completely in fear whereas others jump the hurdle but perhaps with some stumbles and errors. Some need a gentle push to try the jump.

It is so easy to overthink something that we know is difficult – almost to the point of total brain freeze. I’ve done it and I see students do it too. I think part of the battle is not with the music itself but with our own brains!

How do you get over psychological hurdles like this when learning music?

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