Focus on the good

Do you come away from your music practice sessions feeling generally positive or negative?

The main point of practice is to improve and make our music sound better. In doing so we naturally focus on the sections we can’t play.

Sometimes, though, it is really easy to think about everything that is wrong with how we are playing the piece, and totally forget about the good stuff. I know that is definitely something that I do!

Today, for example, I came away from my own practice session feeling a bit negative. I had been focusing so hard on the parts I couldn’t play well, that any thoughts of the positive improvements I’ve made went out the window!

I saw this quote a little while afterwards and it reminded me that perhaps I should take a moment sometimes to focus on the good! Gain some perspective, look at the bigger picture, and think about the parts I can play.

I’d love to hear what you are working on at the moment in your practice sessions.

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