Every picture (or music piece) tells a story

Every picture tells a story

Do you use storytelling in your music studio?

I have just had a great lesson with a young piano student. They were playing the notes really well but needed some expression. Rather than talking about this section needing to be soft or that bit loud, we came up with a great story instead.

The beginning of the music sounded very mysterious so we decided the hero creeps into a big mansion looking for treasure. The middle was much brighter and my student felt it sounded quite magical so the mansion lit up with bright flashes of lights, and unicorns and other magical beings suddenly appeared. The ending was quite bold and fanfare like so the hero finds the treasure with their unicorn friends and everyone lives happily ever after!

The difference on the second play through was fantastic. Dynamic markings become effortlessly when the music is thought about in this way and I love the imaginative narratives that students come up with.

This student was able to think of a story quite easily but some can need a little help or perhaps are more comfortable with visual aids. Using pictures for inspiration can really make a difference.

With one student I found a picture of a fairy tale castle and suddenly their imagination was in full flow. We recreated her story using the music and even went as far as using the picture for inspiration to compose her own tune.

I would love to hear if pictures or stories feature in your music studio!

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