Follow the musical clues to ‘Escape The House’

You find yourself in the hallway of a house but the front door is locked! How will you escape?

There are lots of rooms to explore and musical clues to follow which will help you find your way out. All the questions are grade 1 level and include time signatures, note naming, rest values, musical terms and more.

‘Escape The House’ is part of a free pack full of online music theory games on my website. Students can sign up here and music teachers with a free teacher account can add their own students and view a snapshot of progress and activity.

If you enjoy this type of game and are grade 5 theory level, why not try to ‘Escape The School’ (also in the free pack). Check out the classrooms for clues and as long as you can answer questions about intervals, musical terms and signs, scale degrees and more, you should be able to escape!


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