Don’t catch the penguins!

Music teachers can set the questions any way they wish in this theory game!

If you’re like me and have students of all different levels, sometimes you might need a game with a bit of flexibility – where you can set things up to suit the individual student.

Don’t Catch The Penguins lets you (or the student) drag any notes you wish onto the stave and change the time signature too. There are so many theory concepts you could teach with it including note naming, time signature practice, chords, interval reading and more.

It’s such a great way to inject fun into the lesson while getting some serious learning done at the same time. My students love the downloadable leaderboard template too and I have it displayed on the wall in my music room so they can try to beat their scores.

Here is a short demo of how it works:

To win the game just take note of the title! Collect the precious gems in your barrel but don’t catch a penguin.

This game is part of a pack of online games designed especially for music teachers and includes ‘Basketball’ which has a similar question style.

Other games in the pack, such as ‘Fruit Ninja‘, ‘Supercow’ and ‘The King and The Thief’, allow you to drag any notes up or down the stave into any position on the lines and spaces. These are ideal for improving note reading and recognition or practising things like steps and skips.

If you have any questions let me know.

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