Who Stole My Doughnut?!

If you asked the question, “who stole my doughnut?” in my house the answer would definitely be my dog!

He is a bit sneaky and likes to do what we call ‘counter surfing’ which really is sniffing out any food that might have been left unattended in the kitchen. He is the inspiration though for one of the most popular free music theory games on my website.

Poor Simon left his desk at work and when he came back his doughnut was missing! Students have to answer the theory questions to reveal clues and rule out the suspects one by one.

Questions are all beginner level and if you ever played the game ‘Guess Who’ then it has a similar vibe.

Sign up here to play this game for free and if you are a music teacher create a free account to add your own students and view a snapshot of progress and activity.

Hope you enjoy it as much as me and my students.

Who Ate My Cake?

Solve the mystery using the sheet music and online games!


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