Promoting independence

A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary


In one of my first blogs I wrote about spoon feeding!

Odd subject for a teaching blog you might say. But it was actually based around the following quote from E.M Forster. The author himself brings back memories for me of studying Howards End at English A-level – but that’s another story!

Spoon-feeding in the long run, teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon


If we don’t give students the tools to work things out for themselves they aren’t going to get very far. The teacher isn’t always going to be there to help. These quotes and the Montessori quote both reiterate that.

How do you promote independent learning with your own students?

I believe there are many factors that help students become more independent. But probably the biggest for me is motivation. Encouraging students to ‘want’ to work something out for themselves.

Motivating students is a big topic in itself! But the quote definitely gives food for thought.

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