Music theory games for Halloween

If you are looking for some fun and spooky music theory games to play with your students this Halloween I have made several – and some are completely free!

The pictured game is called ‘Pumpkin Mash’ and students have to name the notes in 40 seconds or the witch turns the poor pumpkins into mash! This is part of a pack of treble clef games called Notecracker Treble (and there is a bass clef pack too).

‘Flappy Benny the Bat’ is more cute than spooky! But the further he flies the higher the leaderboard score. This game is also part of Notecracker Treble and when I play with my students I tend to give poor Benny a headache, sending him crashing into the tree logs!

If you have Harry Potter fans in your music studio they will love ‘Perfect Potions’. This is a FREE grade 5 level game where students really need to know their note values to mix the potion or watch it blow up. ‘Zombie Wars’ is also at grade 5 level and the only way to defeat the zombie is by knowing the meaning of the musical terms.

Finally, ‘Monster Lab’ is a free note naming game where students get to create their own monster – but only if they get a high enough score naming treble clef notes.

Both students and music teachers can sign up to the website for free – and with a teacher account you can add your own students to any of the packs (including the free one) and view a snapshot of their progress and activity.

Hope you have fun making music theory spooky!

NEW! Just added a new ‘spooky’ game called Bucket Bats to my two player music games pack – this pack is ideal for use with teacher/student or student/student in music lessons!

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