Beyond the notes

The goal of practising is to achieve a freedom of the mind that enables one to physically do whatever they want to do. Careful practising eventually allows one the freedom to be spontaneous to react onstage to the moment.

Yo Yo Ma

This is such a true quote and I think the key word here is ‘freedom’.

I know when I am playing that if I haven’t gone ‘beyond the notes’ and am still essentially sight-reading or glued to the score, then it really isn’t possible to take the piece to the next level.

In fact learning the notes is just the start! The stage after that is where we can connect with the music on a deeper level and get lost in the expression or story behind the music.

The other (perhaps more important!) key word is practice in the first place. But that’s a whole other topic in itself!

What are your thoughts on this quote?

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