Teaching from the heart

The best teachers teach from the heart not from the book


An interesting question to ponder relating to this quote; how much do you deviate from the tutor book when teaching young beginners?

Do you use supplementary materials or do you even dispense with a book altogether at times and introduce more practical and spontaneous activities?

When I first started out all those years ago I followed along with the book. They are, after all, designed to ensure students cover everything they need to know and form a fairly complete syllabus, depending on which series you go with.

These days I use all kinds of materials suited to the individual student and lessons sometimes go off on interesting and fun (but relevant!) tangents according to what we are learning.

Whatever route you take it is the teacher that ultimately brings the book or activity to life and inspires the student to want to continue learning. I see the teacher as a bit like a chef with a recipe. We hopefully add that final magic ingredient that sparks the interest and creativity of the student!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this quote.

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